The Fiery Trials & Judgements of Textus Roffensis | Talk by Dr Christopher Monk

The Fiery Trials & Judgements of Textus Roffensis: The World of Early Medieval Punishments

A talk by Dr Christopher Monk

Textus Roffensis, a medieval manuscript written at Rochester Cathedral priory 900 years ago, holds a unique collection of laws from early medieval England. These shine a light on the often gruesome and brutal world of medieval justice.

Dr Christopher Monk will explore how justice was served in early medieval England. Discover the difference between a trial by fire and trial by water and find out why being a quick healer could save your life.

About Dr Christopher Monk

Dr Christopher Monk has been translating and interpreting Textus Roffensis on behalf of Rochester Cathedral for more than ten years. He is a historical consultant specialising in the culture, texts, and everyday life of medieval England. He has a significant portfolio of academic publications, including an ebook, journal articles and multiple book chapters.


Tickets are £10 and include a glass of prosecco